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2019 1ST Cutting Orchard/Brome Hay NSC was 5.9%


Some tips on feeding lamanitic horses:  "To help an obese laminitic horse lose weight, provide limited grass or low-calorie hay."     http://www.equinews.com/article/feeding-laminitic-horses

Some good info on the insulin resistant horse:      http://www.balancedequinenutrition.com/IRArticle.html

Some tips on feeding overweight horses: http://www.wildflowervet.com/10%20tips.htm

Some tips on colic:  http://www.gaitedhorses.net/Articles/Colic.html

Some tips on ulcer prevention:  http://www.vet.ksu.edu/depts/vmth/equine/pdf/Gastric_ulcers.pdf

The stack on the left is the lower carb hay:

We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact us at our e-mail address: johntietz@grasshay.net